Our Specialties

Zanesville Steel is continually moving forward. As our customer’s demands expand in this ever-evolving market, so do our services and specializations. We, at Zanesville Steel, have a “bring it” mentality... bring your problems to us and leave with solutions. The paths traveled to provide these solutions has given Zanesville Steel vast insight into a virtually unlimited amount of materials, tools and processes in the steel fabrication market. That being said, we are the go-to shop for these services:

Zanesville Steel - Prototype Production
Prototype Production

We are your one stop shop for all things custom. From engineering to finished product, we offer a rapid turnaround coupled with the highest standard of quality.

Zanesville Steel - Casters

Our high strength casters couple well with our high-capacity material racks to offer superior workspace and workflow functionality.


  • Effortlessly dispels debris.
  • Lower replacement cost than alternative.
  • Operate smoothly and quietly.
  • Protects floors and reduces floor maintenance
  • Handles high weight loads without sacrificing performance.
  • Anti-static options.
Zanesville Steel - Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Specializing in taking existing products, re-engineer them, and improve existing designs to better meet customers needs, we provide the perfect solution.
Zanesville Steel - CNC Fabrication
CNC Fabrication
Zanesville Steel utilizes the latest automated plasma cutting, marking, and engraving technology to make your CAD/CAM designs a reality. Zanesville Steel’s state-of-the-art equipment, combined with decades of experience, provide products that are consistent with industry standards and cost-effective.
Zanesville Steel - Dunnage Engineering
Dunnage Engineering
Protect with the best! Ensure your goods are safely.
Zanesville Steel - Miscellaneous Metals
Miscellaneous Metals
We’ve been in the miscellaneous metals business for over 99 combined years and possess vast manufacturing capabilities. We have worked hard to establish Zanesville Steel as the go-to for steel products in a trade where everything is custom. From conventional to complex, allow us to provide the best solution for your steel project and manufacture it for you.