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Zanesville Steel specializes in the engineering, fabrication and distribution of steel racking systems. While our core competencies are designing and manufacturing racking systems, our capabilities and experience include detailing and fabricating structural and miscellaneous metal products for commercial, industrial, retail and residential markets.

Specialized Equipment

Always pushing for efficiencies, delivering consistency and maximizing capacity, we have the right tools for the job. Coupled with our extensive arsenal of equipment is the quality and training of the operators that know how to get the results our customers demand in our 33,000 sq ft facility.

Zanesville Steel - Robotic Welder
Robotic Welder

Our robotic welder allows for projects to be completed with the highest quality welds for the utmost strength and safety.

Zanesville Steel - Large Capacity Production Saw
Large Capacity Production Saw

Our large capacity production saw allows us to make quick work of even the biggest projects with clean, consistent, and quality cuts.

Zanesville Steel - Electrostatic Painting
Electrostatic Painting

Utilizing this electrically charged paint process we ensure a durable, smooth, hard paint finish that is plated on to your finished project.

Zanesville Steel - CNC Plasma Tube And Pipe Cutting
CNC Plasma Tube And Pipe Cutting

Allowing for the perfect fitment every time, our CNC plasma tube and pipe cutting ability allows us to take your custom project to the next level.

Fabrication Equipment

Our large variety of fabrication equipment coupled with our expertise allows for custom projects to go from an idea to a tangible product.


Max. Capacity 1-1/6" diameter; 5/8" thick

Flatbar Shear
Flatbar Shear

Max. Capacity 3/4" x 4"; 1/2" x 12"; 3/8" x 14"

Round & Square Shear
Round & Square Shear

Max. Capacity 7/8"

Angle Shear
Angle Shear

Max. Capacity 3" x 3" x 3/8" and 4" x 4" x 1/4"

Coper Notcher
Coper Notcher

Max. Capacity 2-1/2" x 4" x 5/16"