Die Change Over Cart And Rack System

Die Change-Over Cart And Rack System

Zanesville Steel proudly offers custom engineering and design that provides turnkey solutions for your operation.

Recently installed and performing as promised, Zanesville Steel's die change-over cart and rack system has proven to be a safe and effective solution. The system is designed to facilitate the transfer dies to and from five different machines, and to store two additional dies per machine. The single mobile cart, which is compatible with each machine, is fixed in position to and from the racks, is capable of extending and retracting, and raising and lowering to interface between each machine.

We specialize in supplying custom solutions and custom systems that are built to suit your custom needs!

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It is simple ... minimizing potential touch-points will minimize potential injuries. Custom change-over processes provided by Zanesville Steel's cart and rack system are designed to virtually eliminate hazards created by human error.


Line change-outs that take an entire shift can now be done in 1-2 hours. We have reduced change-over time by up to 88%.*


Common change-over processes require 3-4 people. We have reduced change-over personnel by 33%, requiring only 2 people.*


Proper cart and rack systems will completely eliminate the need for extra equipment and machinery commonly associated with change-overs.


Reduce the footprint typically required for equipment and racks/storage.

*percentages/statistics are specific to previously performed installations and may vary for each project.
Zanesville Steel Die Change-Over Cart And Rack System

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